We held our 4th annual Adopt an Airman this past week, as we hosted nearly two dozen Nellis and Creech military men and women.  With most of these service members unable to return to their homes for Thanksgiving, from as far away as Haiti and as close as Arizona, this has proven to be a wonderful time to bring them into our Rotary "home" and share a little fellowship and lunch.  Four Queens Owner Terry Caudill stopped by to give a special welcome to our guests and express his gratitude for their service.  Past Pres. Michael shared the history of his father's outstanding military career and then invited our guests to share their own military stories.  Each was asked for one of their scariest moments during their service, and they ranged from giving their first briefing to the Base Commander, to enlisting altogether, or waiting to hear if friends had survived a helicopter crash, finding out they had been deployed and finally writing the retirement orders for mentor Lt Col. Petty.  Some of their best experiences were attending basic training, have a father pin on the airman stripes at graduation, graduating tech school, being deployed and even serving TDY in Florida.  These young men and women were very appreciative of the special lunch held in their honor and we are all most grateful for their unselfish service to our Country.