After losing her oldest son Adam in a tragic auto accident in 2007, Kelly Thomas-Boyers struggled to find ways for her son Alec to cope with his grief.   She sought out different agencies and services, but none met their needs.  As a result of that experience, Kelly co-founded Adam's Place, which provides grief support groups for children, teens and families. Trained volunteer facilitators lead and encourage group members to express the many feelings that are a part of the grieving process. In a safe and confidential home life setting, group members discuss and share activities with others who share similar life changing experiences. They show children that it is okay to ask for help.  "This is a place of prevention of future misbehavior - drugs, truancy, etc.," Kelly shared.  Currently the facility is operating with only volunteers and is seeking additional funds and facilitators, and ultimately a larger space.  They are also seeking additional outlets to spread the word of Adam's Place, including funeral homes, youth/community centers and schools.  One of the popular programs is a special backpack which is filled with a journal, a pin wheel, and other supplies to guide the kids through their coping.  Even if the child doesn't return, they leave with the tools to help.  Currently about 80 children are helped each year, which is well below the needs of our community.  They have a wait list many months out.  Kelly is behind SB355 which, when passed, will add $1 to the cost of a death certificate and those dollars will go to fund facilities and services, like Adam's Place.  Kelly urged everyone to call their Nevada lawmakers and push for this important Bill to be passed.  If you would like to volunteer, or know more, visit their website or Facebook page.