On February 21st, we hosted the entire team and coaches from Oswestry Academy in Great Britain at our regularly scheduled lunch meeting at the Four Queens. The athletes had just completed their play in the 2017 Las Vegas Mayor's Cup International Soccer Tournament, making it all the way to the semi-finals. Several of the players, and one of the coaches, remarked the team didn't really expect to make it that far in the tournament, and were very pleased with their semi-final finish. This program was started by our own Past President Roger Tabor with a simple meeting makeup in Mexico 14 years ago while on a family vacation, when one team was invited to Las Vegas to play. This event has snowballed into 578 international teams playing 1,200 soccer games (in the rain this year). The economic impact on Southern Nevada was approximately $26,000,000. PP Roger was quick to thank us, telling us "it would never have been possible without the support of the Club." A special thanks to our International Chair Butch Benda for coordinating the event at a Club level.  And, we thank YOU PP Roger and Amy Tabor for your vision and commitment to bringing this program to Las Vegas!